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    1. 广东省友谊国际企业服务有限公司 热线电话:400-830-8919 登录 注册 雇员查询平台 VIP查询登录 旧版网站

      质量主管(QA Supervisor)

      • 更新日期:2019-03-18
      工作经验 5-10年 年龄 不限
      学历 不限 性别 不限
      工作地区 广州 开始时间 2019-03-18
      行业 其他 结束时间 2019-04-18
      职位属性 其他 薪金待遇 面议

      Position: QA Supervisor

      Company name: Kleine Wolke Textilgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

      Working location:Huangpu, Guangzhou

      Business:The leading European Brand for Bath & Bed products

      Work experience: Over 5 years

      Education: University + CET 6 or above

      Salary: Negotiable

      * Key Responsibilities: Support of the brand name by appropriate quality control. Together with the German quality director responsible for:

      Make assessment of potential suppliers ;

      Contact with suppliers on subject of quality, control self-inspections and reports from the suppliers;

      Take charge of required certificates and documents during product development;

      Quality control at factories and send report after inspection, sample quality checking and send qualified samples back and forth;

      Negotiate quality claims;

      Help to deal with normal office work if in need.

      * What we require:

      Good at English writing &speaking & understanding & MS Office skill;

      Able to work under pressure, detail-oriented & good team player;

      Good sense about quality and mass production;

      Good communication and negotiating skills;

      Solution orientation, analytical, technical understanding;

      * What we offer:

      Business trip to Germany on company account;

      Five social insurances and housing fund;

      5 working days, 10 days paid holiday per year after the first working year, increasing an additional day every year to a maximum of 20 working days paid holiday per year.

      If any interest to qualified person, please send your resume to my email: maggie.zeng@kleinewolke-china.cn